What is Núcleo?

NÚCLEO is the answer for a group of consultants who asked themselves everyday:

How can we help professionals to achieve the success?

They decided start a new project which allow them go more into the social environment.

And that way is how Núcleo appears, with more than 500m² of space. Inside you can find crystal individual cabins or simply desks. As well as meeting room, office, fitness room and different places based on what you can need every moment. And all of that, joined to a variety of services (courses, conferences, workshops…) which are waiting for you, to help you to develop yourself working in the best environment.

Nucleo is joining the best of both world:

First, the Workspace concept. We offer modern cabins with all the services that a common office has and much more.

On the other hand, the Coworking philosophy. Availability of workplaces where the members create a community in order to develop ideas and projects with the others. Creating very positive synergies.

And the final touch, the team which is leading Núcleo. People who do not hesitate in putting all their experience as business consultants, at your disposal. As well as, share and pass you on their excitement to get that all the professionals who want to be part of Núcleo, be proud for belonging to it and achieve their goals, always in a collaboration and confidence atmosphere.